Slime into Dm's

Slime into Dm's

Slime into my DMs, if you get this sticker we can't gurantee you'll stop getting unwanted messages in your inbox but you might get get one from a friend. So get this sticker and send it to a friend and check in and make sure they are ok. The shell is a gorgeous teal glitter and really makes the snail pop.


7.5cm x 6cm glitter glossy vinyl sticker. 


Moths seem to be a favourite around here at Illustrations By Joanne and we couldn't resist creating these stickers allowing us to use a range of finishes to make them extra special.


Fluffy Moth - Mirrored glossy pink accents 7.5cm x 6cm sticker.


Glitter Moth - Glitter top wings 8cm x 5cm sticker.


Moth - 8cm x 4.5cm mirror glossy top wings sticker.


Get the set of 3 for a discount!


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