Motherhood/Parenthood Potions

Motherhood/Parenthood Potions

Ive been sitting on this idea for a while now. Inspired by a storm in a tea cup, fragile teacup with a storm going on but still for reason comes across as beautiful. As a mother myself, I wanted to create a series of ”storms” we get once we become mothers. Fragile people with a storm, holding it all together.


Dignity - I created this one as when you become a mother/parent you have to leave dignity at the door, from hospital appointments, weak bladders, birth and then never peeing or showering alone. 45mm Gold Plated, Hard Enamel.


Loneliness - This one is because even though we have a child in our presence pretty much all of the time, it can still be lonely. Making us feel small. Remember that how ever lonely it may get or appear my inbox is always open for anyone who needs to talk. 45mm Gold Plated, Hard Enamel.


PND - This one is created for the fogginess we can experience when becoming a parent. The bad days. We all experience bad days as parents, we have days where we cry our eyes out. We have days where we just want to give up, but it does get better. 45mm Gold Plated, Hard Enamel.


Anxiety - This is one I suffer with. Fragile and overwhelming. We all experience anxiety from time to time and it’s nothing to be ashamed off. 45mm Gold Plated, Hard Enamel.


Guilt - The HUGE guilt we feel when we become parents. Pulling our hearts into 2, thinking about our children or thinking about ourselves. 45mm Gold Plated, Hard Enamel.


Bottle of Courage - But ... we also get this. We get to take each day as it comes. Use this as a reminder that you are stronger than you know. If no one else has told you .. I’m proud of you! 30mm Gold Plated, Hard Enamel.


Father - Lets not Forget all the incredible Fathers who can also suffer from these too! Parenting is hard. 45mm Gold Plated, Hard Enamel.


You can get this winter baby pin in beautiful blues or subtle greys with gorgeous glitter backgrounds. Free Sticker Included! This pin was included as part of the christmas advent calender featuring pins from myself @merpinz @growingbasil and @bettyratbag


30cm Black and silver nickel pins.


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