Cloth Bum Family

Cloth Bum Family


Our cloth bum mum pin has been reimagined as this gorgeous hard enamel keyring, in stunning teal tones. Comes in a lovely woven bag for you to reuse. We have used cloth nappies or reusuable nappies since we had our first child. We love the awesome designs that they come in, and they are also a much better choice for the enviroment. Over the years we have collected a large selction of nappies and certainly have our favourites! Thats why when I designed my first pin I knew it had to involve cloth nappies, the pin came first and then I turned it into this keyring.

The pin can be found here on my website;

This keyring would make a great gift for anyone who uses or is passionate about cloth/reuseable nappies.

If you haven't already you should check out my social media pages, just search for Illustrations By Joanne or you can follow the links at the top of the website.

Black Nickel plating. 30 mm in size.

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